Update from Togo


One of the unique challenges of Pathways Togo is that while the Pathways Togo board is based in the United States, the real work takes place in Togo, where our scholars are supervised by our dedicated staff in Togo. Members of our board visit Togo at least once a year. Since all but one of our board members is a RPCV that served in Togo, a visit to Togo is a trip down memory lane and is a highly anticipated event. Last month, our treasurer, Nadia McInnis, flew to Togo to meet with our new finance officer, Yashmine Agbere and work with her to establish updated financial protocols. While there, Nadia was also able to deliver much needed office equipment to the staff, and attend the annual Life Skills Conference in Pagala, where she met our current scholars. This year's conference theme was De jeunes filles innovatrices à des femmes entrepreneures/ Unlocking the potential of female entrepreneurship through economic and social empowerment. 




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