Our Work

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Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Togo's high rates of infant and maternal mortality, human trafficking, and HIV/AIDS transmission all pose daunting challenges, yet each have been successfully decreased in countries committed to widespread girls' education. By helping women afford tuition, school supplies, and uniforms, Pathways Togo scholarships give Togolese women the tools they need to reach their full potential. A Pathways Togo scholarship can change a woman’s life forever, and allow her to bring that change to her community and to her world.


Mentors play a vital role in the success of our scholars. Young women in Togo face enormous social and academic challenges to pursuing an education, from pressure to marry young to finding a well-lit place to study at night. Indeed, every evening in Togo’s bigger towns, in the hours after they’ve completed household chores, young women crouch with their notebooks under street lamps to review their lessons before bed.

Life Skills 

All Pathways Togo Scholars have the opportunity to come together and celebrate their achievements at annual conferences. Scholars enrolled in one of Togo's two universities attend a conference located right on campus directly before registration for fall classes. Middle school and high school students attend a joint conference at a facility located centrally in Togo. At each conference, students receive their scholarships, participate in educational enrichment programs, and have a rare opportunity to focus on their personal growth away from the demands of family and chores. Mentors are invited to the conferences as well and they attend specialized sessions designed to enhance their capacity as a mentor and to educate them on the priorities and processes of the Pathways Togo.

Karren Waid Dream Award

Pathways Togo created the The Karren Waid Dream Award in honor of Karren Waid, a Peace Corps Volunteer who passed away during her service. Karren’s commitment to girls' education and empowerment continues to inspire Togolese and Americans to support young women in achieving their personal goals and dreams.