Joseph Mahach

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    Your donation goes directly to the scholars we support in Togo to help pay for tuition, school supplies, the salaries of our Togo-based staff, and to enable our scholars to travel to the Pathways Togo Life Skills conference from their villages. Thank you for your generosity and unwavering commitment to the empowerment of girls and women in Togo. 

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  • Why I Support Pathways: Joseph's Story



    When I tell friends and family that I work with Pathways Togo to promote girls’ education and empowerment in Togo, they assume that it is a natural continuation of my Peace Corps service there from 2009 to 2011. It absolutely is a continuation of that service, but it is also more. As a Peace Corps Volunteer you can affect certain things, and there are many things that you cannot affect. Similarly, now that I am in the United States, there are connections in Togo that are difficult to maintain, but there are other doors that have opened.

    I was a Girls’ Education and Empowerment Volunteer in Togo. Formally, I was aligned with the Ministry of Education and I did teach in a CEG/Lycee (middle/high school). I taught an English class as well as Sex Ed. However, my main project was working to reduce sexual harassment in the classroom. That is, sexual harassment from male teachers towards female students.

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