Thank you for your purchase! We are not issuing paper tickets for this event. Just show up and give us your name! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, August 13 at 5pm at Kapnos Taverna! 



Yours in Empowerment,

Pathways Togo Board of Directors

Executive Director, Danielle Naugle, RPCV ‘07-’10
Stephanie Palmer, RPCV ‘01-’04                                             
Laurie Segel-Moss, RPCV ‘01-’03                                                
Nancy Cavillones                                                          
Kyra Turner-Zogbekor, RPCV ‘01-’03                                          
Nadia McInnis, RPCV ‘07-'08
Camilla Pearson, RPCV ‘09-’11
Alice V. Koehler, RPCV '02-'04
Patrick Roisen, RPCV '12-'14
Megan McCloskey Boydston, RPCV '09-'11
Joseph Mahach, RPCV '09-'11

Pathways Togo is a registered tax-exempt organization. We are committed to responsible, sustainable programs that work in partnership with local communities and existing schools.  You will recieve a reciept for your ticket purchase via email.