Afi Denise Agbenonhevi

Afi Denise Agbenonhevi goes to school in Kanté, a town in the Kara region of northern Togo, where she also grew up. In Kanté, she lives with her mother, father, two younger brothers, her father’s second wife, and the child of the second wife. Her father is a French teacher at the local high school, so education is very important to him and subsequently to her family. Her mother only studied at primary school, but she has an older brother who is attending the University of Lomé and Afi Denise hopes to follow in his footsteps. Although her father is very supportive of her education, Afi Denise still must work to help pay for books, school supplies, and clothes. Her mother sells goods at the market, so, in order to earn a little extra money, Afi Denise goes with her mother to the market in Kanté and sells tomato paste and spaghetti. Afi Denise loves school, especially French class; just like her Dad. She is one of 30 girls in a class of 90. She says that sometimes the boys bother her and pick on her, but she ignores them. In addition to loving French, Afi Denise also loves to play sports. Every Saturday she goes running with a running group. Because of her athleticism, she dreams of one day being a soldier in Togo’s army. Afi Denise is excited to continue on with her education. She is thankful for the scholarship, because it will take some of the financial burden of education off of her father and will allow him to better support the education of her siblings.